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Management consultant for the arts, cultural and charity sectors. 

Executive Coach with a goal-centred focus on personal and professional growth. 

"I help people and organisations find the path that's right for

them, by devising and enabling change-making decisions"

Associate Member of the European Mentoring and Coaching Council



Michael Garvey

Michael Garvey is an experienced leader across the UK's arts and cultural sectors. He has run a number of orchestras, including the BBC National Orchestra and Chorus of Wales and the Academy of Ancient Music and managed not for profit organisations, as well as having been a member of the BBC's executive team in Wales. As a freelance consultant, Michael was the first Executive Director of the Benedetti Foundation as well as a founding member of the Cardiff Music Board where he continues to focus his attention on the role that music education can play for the city, together with nurturing next generation musicians and developing pathways for their growth either as happy amateurs or into the music profession. 


Michael provides business consultancy and strategic planning to the cultural sector - he is currently helping the Bath Festival Orchestra establish itself and is writing and delivering a business and operational strategy for the orchestra's first 2 year's of activity. Alongside this he is also a trained executive coach, accredited by the European Mentoring and Coaching Council. He brings a coaching approach to all of his work, driven by a strong belief that your best course of action is the one that you develop yourself. Given his background in the arts and third sectors, he has a deep empathy and knowledge in this area. His clients, though, come from a range of backgrounds and he's just as happy working with people from the creative, media, broadcasting and other sectors.

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What type of coach is right for me ? Some people label it executive, some life, some personal, some career coaching - all these descriptors are related and can achieve the same results.


Michael's executive coaching focuses on senior managers and leaders who are looking to make a change in their lives - either personal or professional (or both !)

The first step is to recognise that a change needs to be made. Coaching then supports the individual to make that change, not by offering advice or as a result of the coach imparting their wisdom but instead through careful and often challenging questioning.

Michael will create a safe and entirely confidential space where you can feel comfortable to talk, and think, and reflect upon what it is that you want to change and explore what course of action might be the right one for you to take. Michael will then, with your permission, continue to work with you to support your chosen course of action and encourage you to see it through to the right conclusion.

Now, more than ever, we're searching for a meaningful explanation to what's going on around us. Taking the time to think that through with a trusted and experienced coach, Michael's aim is to help you create the space for that self-reflection.        



What People Are Saying



"Before the session I had many challenges and questions that I had been struggling to unpack. Through the process of discussion and also being faced with important questions, I was able to start to see a structure in my mind. Being posed with questions, that I wouldn't ordinarily ask myself, allowed me to open up my way of thinking and allow new ideas to emerge. I do feel that working with someone you trust and respect is vital to the process - Michael allowed me to speak honestly and freely without fear of judgement."

Client 8


"I think Michael went above and beyond ! I didn't expect to get as much out of the session as I did, and we covered a lot of ground in two hours. I've never thought to have coaching sessions before, but I am now officially a fan !"

Client 2


"Michael's approach is excellent - open, easy to chat to, perceptive and great thought-provoking questions."

"The coaching sessions helped me to have more perspective and I felt that there was positive progress after each session. I really valued Michael's confidentiality and openness."


Young Business Woman


Michael can help you with:

  • business planning/plan writing

  • funding applications

  • marketing strategy and ideas

  • creative thinking

  • business remodelling

  • short and long term trouble shooting

  • acting as a critical friend to the team/an individual  

  • project planning (UK & International)

  • ideas for collaborating and connecting

  • identifying potential partners and brokering introductions

  • team development, analysis and away day delivery

  • making the most of your people

  • operational delivery

  • interim management 

  • board and governance development

Michael regularly works in partnership with Laura Drane Associates, find out more about her here and with William Norris Arts Management, find out more about him here.



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